Sunday, November 27, 2011

The RIGHT conclusion can never be reached until all avenues are pondered. WHAT IF?

What if I owned my home, and it was mine to live the rest of my life in, or to sell to whomever I’d like should I so chose? What if I could do with my land what I pleased, without the government requiring me to obtain their permission? What if I could afford to because I didn’t have taxes labeled as fees for all of my standard needs and activities that raised the cost beyond reasonable means? What if I didn’t have to be afraid that the things I say will attract the FBI? What if I wasn’t afraid that the FBI would misunderstand a point, statement, or aspect because they only started listening now, and didn’t hear what I said yesterday? What if I could barter my own wage and didn’t have to consider that the government increases the costs for my labor to an unaffordable level? What if I kept the money I earned, and didn’t the government didn’t earn even more from my labor by taking it from me as well. What if, after a year of my employer paying the government for my labor, and me paying the government for my labor, I didn’t then have to pay the government even more for my labor? Do you think I would have more to spend to improve my quality of life? Do you think then that others in my community would have more to spend when I purchase from them? Do you think that us bleeding hearts would make sure the less fortunate were taken care of?

What if knowledge was available, and teachers were trusted professionals in their field who could barter their wages as well? What if small communities could employ a trusted teacher with the money the government would not then have, and the parents were empowered to insure the quality of their child’s education? What if we could study our chosen field independently, and be held accountable for our competency by the simple fact that we would fail personally if we failed to ensure this competency in any and all fields? What if those who were experts in their field and respected for their competence by the community were the same you would turn to guide you in your studies of that field? What if our teachers were there to help guide and encourage our intellectual growth when we needed it, and not there to ensure conformity on standardized tests? What if the teacher is incompetent? What if we could barter with another that better suited our needs? 

What if in the toughest of times when our families are hungry, we could just go hunt or barter a fair trade with another in our community for the food we need? What if the local farmer was among the most respected in the community? What if the community relied on the farmer for the majority of their food? Do you think the farmer would need help maintaining his fields?

What if my government was there to enforce and officiate into law the legislature that the majority of the people deemed fair, and acted only to stop legislation that contradicted the constitution? What if government’s job was solely to ensure that all natural people had the same equal rights, and we were empowered to determine the rest? What if the people drafted and determined law enforcements code of conduct, and determined the appropriate action in various situations by democratic vote? What if law enforcement’s main objectives were to ensure safety and to educate the community, and to mediate problems and help find solutions, and arrest or detain only for the more important matters, and any use of force would be only as a last resort when no other option is available? 

What if a fair tax rate paid a comfortable, but not extravagant wage, determined in advance by the people, for the elected officials, law enforcement, and federal government? Do you think that those running for office would be grasping for power or wealth, or would they be the humanitarians who wish to serve their community who provides for them? If the people are in control, how would big business corrupt the government? What if we were free to build or add onto our own homes as we saw fit without stringent and pointless regulations? What if to ensure that the construction of our own homes was our own responsibility and not that of the government, and an expert in the field could be contracted by bartering a fair wage? What if the consequences for negligence resulting in the damage to another’s property or harm to another resulted in the offending party being held responsible for the damages directly? What if financial penalties paid to the state were replaced with more direct consequences such as you broke you fix it for petty crimes? Do you think people would be more cautious and less prone to vandalism? What if a disaster occurs that is outside of control and the community is devastated? Do you think that it would be in the community’s best interest to help each other rebuild seeing as it would be a society where no one is useless, and everyone depends on one another and therefore knows each other? Do you think some would simply leave? Do you think if they did their previous profession would need to be filled again? Do you think people would wait to begin cleaning and repairs of their community if they knew no government assistance was coming? Do you think chronic welfare cases would exist if welfare didn’t exist? Do you think that it could be socially acceptable for barter or trade to be the exchange of labor for living accommodations, food or other essentials for appropriate situations? What if service for service barter was a portion of daily trade and monetary gain was a portion of daily barter? Do you think many people would do without necessities? What if the disabled, elderly and those in need were also empowered to contribute to their own survival and worth in the form of simpler needed tasks they are able and enjoy doing? What if health care meant quality, health and joy, and not simply to live longer so that more profit can be made? What if the judges that our taxes pay for are available to hear our civil and legal cases without the court charging us for the services our taxes pay for?

Finally, do you think if all of the above applied that any problems that arose couldn’t be resolved? Do you think that if jail was reserved for intentional and harmful crimes, and the mentally ill received help with strict supervision if needed, and the petty crimes were resolved in a more direct and fair manner that over flowing prisons would be an issue? Do you think that this can be applied to both city and country life? Do you think our tax dollars would really be required to pay our government to dictate everything we do? Do you think that if the war on drugs was fought with compassion and help that so many children would be in foster care, and so many parents would be in jail costing tax dollars while not curbing the problem? Do you think that anyone would have to be left to face the world alone, or live off the system or on the streets. Do you think that some kind of barter couldn’t be worked out for the homeless to earn their room and board? Do you think that anyone would suffer if third party intervention was reserved for the honestly helpless and everyone else was compelled to either work together or live off the land alone? Do you think that petty crime would be nearly as prevalent, or do you think that anarchy would rule, or do you think that a more peaceful, prosperous, and respectful environment would emerge? Do you think that problems couldn’t be worked out like our forefathers did?


The constitution states exactly these things. It does not grant the powers to our Government that they are exercising, they have seized it through manipulation and corruption. The alternative that I have heard people request is MORE Government. This thought is terrifying. The more power the government has, the more corrupt and heartless it will be. Where there is power and money there will be greed and corruption. If the power is dispersed evenly throughout the people, the people will thrive. This is what was intended from our constitution, this is what I want for my child. The best part is, all the details can be debated, and everyone could have their say. That is freedom of the people, and it will breed prosperity. If the power is with the people, and the people tell large companies that they will not tolerate their corruption, and the people have access to obtain the knowledge necessary to make an educated decision, the 1% will have been overthrown. They will kick and scream and fight, but if they want to continue to receive any of the people’s money, they will play by the rules that the people create. 

Some food for thought since I’ve carried on so long; Please research the following as soon as you can, independently, and please do not rely on the information provided from those who stand to make the profit from lying to you. 

1.       The legal definition of Sequestration
2.       The legal definition of natural person
3.       The legal definition of person
4.       The bill to be voted on TOMORROW that will allow Congress to declare the US a permanent military state.
5.       Legal Definition of U.S Citizen versus American Citizen
6.       Citizens rights versus Inalienable Rights
7.       Unconstitutional Laws
8.       MOST IMPORTANT – Read the Constitution, the original version and make sure you understand it. If you aren’t sure how something is interpreted, please seek the proper person to help you, not those who may lie, and please try to remember, they were very clear, there is not much that actually needs interpretation.

I wonder what would happen if we all suddenly stopped participating in their corrupt society and no longer needed them or requested that they make change. I don’t imagine it would go smoothly at all, but I do wonder.          
Final food for thought, I promise. For those who believe that all hell will break loose, and anarchy will take over forever; please consider the thousands and thousands of people who donate to charities, who volunteer their time to help the needy, who help old ladies cross the street. Think about the Occupy, the Other 99%, The Tea Party, The Unions who have protested, The protesters against the Keystone, Animal Rights Activists, All Activists for a good cause. Your neighbors, family and friends, work acquaintances. How many of them are bad people? The truth that the government does not want you to know, is that human kind is inherently good. Greed and Power corrupts, which is why power it must be dispersed equally between the masses. Equal distribution of power leaves no option other than fair distribution of wealth. Wealth should not ever be equal, that would render it worthless in and of itself. 

People will never always get along, we will never always agree. There will always be someone that just really pisses you off.  Process, ideals, beliefs and expressions will always be different, but that is what leads to truth, balance and freedom of all the people, and that must never be sacrificed. All of our protesters and activists are dearly needed in this movement. Everyone from the most obnoxious to the most conservative is immeasurably valuable. Even the violence of the police, the evil the 1% has caused and the disgrace our government has thrust upon us for supporting them are all necessary for this path we have ahead of us. Without the extremes there is no middle balance, and that is where, I believe, we all hope to land.  The sooner we all realize that even though we sometimes disagree, we are all together in this, the sooner we will have our power back. 


  1. Basically, what you are laying out is part of Libertarian party platform, from what I gather. I will address one issue I see that I take some issue with.

    The part where you talk about adding on to your home without the stringent and pointless regulations that are imposed. While I do get your point and understand where you are coming from, I do not agree that lifting the regulations is a good thing.

    Case in point...
    Haiti and Chile. Both had earthquakes.

    Haiti had a 7.0 quake.
    46,000 to 316,000 people dead.
    300,000 injured.
    1 to 1.8 million homeless.
    250,000 homes had collapsed or were severely damaged.
    Cost estimate $7.8 billion.

    Chile had an 8.8 quake.
    525 to 800 people dead.
    500 injured.
    500,000 homes seriously damaged.
    9% of the population lost their homes.
    Cost estimates are between 15 and 30 billion dollars.

    The Chilean quake was 500 times stronger than the one in Haiti, yet the death toll was substantially lower.
    Haiti does not have stringent building codes. Chile does.

    So, from my point of view, the regulations and building codes do have their place and are needed. If you could trust people to stand by their work and be men/women of their word, then the need for government regulations would not be there. However, people being what they are, unfortunately, the regulations are needed and do save lives.

    Kim & Dave
    Sweet Home, OR.

  2. Excellent Point. I actually do think that some regulation is necessary. I just wanted to get people thinking about how truly restrictive government is today. It's rediculious. In addition, we pay taxes to have these regulations in place, then we have to pay a fortune to have them enforced. Then when they are enforced, with building codes for example, it would be the homeowner who is fined, not the hired professional in many cases. (Possibly the hired pro, but certainly the homeowner). How in any way is this to benefit the people who pay there hard earned money for these services. Court processes, same thing. We pay our tax dollars to have them there for us, but should we need to use them, it's hundreds of dollars not including the attorney's fees. We are regulated on nearly every aspect of our lives! Some of them desperately need to go, and go now.

    However; I do feel that if one is mentally competent to make decisions for themselves, decides to build unrestricted on his or her own land, what is the problem. If they are aware of the risk, and if the regulations were more in the way of having to meet a certain code in order for other occupants who are not able to make these determinations were to reside there.Of course regulations that benefit the people, not the regulations that only benefit the government. I strongly feel that these regulations should be established and subject to change by consensus of the people only. I simply don't understand how, in a Free country, if we were to add on to our own home, as knowledgeable adults, we shouldn't be able to.

    We are allowed by law to accept dangerous and addictive medications that have been proven to cause severe and common side effects. Why is it we can gamble that, but not what we do with our own homes?

    Thank you very much for the feed back! You made an excellent point!



  3. Excellent questions! People don't realize how much the government currently controls every aspect of our lives. I believe we could manage them much better as free and equal members of our communities. We are not as helpless or clueless as the government declares us to be.
    As a former corrections officer, I can tell you that the way our society deals with crime is totally ineffective. The system makes it easier and more profitable for one time criminals to become life time criminals than for them to become responsible participatory members of society.

  4. I agree! Thank you so much for that. My dad was a cop all my life, and he said the same many times. There are better solutions, but as long as everyone hates each other (democrats, republicans, liberals, occupy, tea party, different races etc.) we are stuck. I wish I knew how to make people understand that were all asking for the same thing, and when everyone is heard and respected equally, we will create answers. Truly frustrated. Profiting on the criminal justice system is disgusting to me. It breeds an environment in which it is beneficial to promote crime.

    Thank you again!

  5. Hi Trisha, you asked what happened to this country. Here is my two cents, coming from an immigrant.
    I was legally migrated to America 10 years ago who have traveled and lived in different parts of the world.
    I moved here from a tiny island in the pacific ocean, a city that is less than the land mass of Los Angeles.
    More than 10 years ago, I had the opportunity to migrate to America. This might sound funny but the decision was boiled down to – Do I want to be a "small fish in a small tank" or a "small fish in a very big tank"? I chose the later and moved to America.
    Till this day, I still think that America is a big fish tank. An aquarium with a variety of fishes. A big country with diversity.
    I love living in America, but like everything, there is always a dark side to every paradise.
    To try making this less offensive, I am going to continue to use the aquarium analogy.
    America is like an enormous aquarium that is glamorous and beautiful from the outside. When you look closer, to you horror, you will find plenty of cracks in the glass. You find water leaking everywhere.
    Instead of fixing the leak, the policy makers have decided to add more water regularly to the tank. Even though, it is a short term solution, replenishing the water works for the last few decades because the aquarium is rich and prosper. Of course, policy makers don't study the long term effect, the adding of more water is causing the deepening of cracks 'cos of the increased water pressure against the already fragile glass surface!

    In time of bad economy now, the adding water policy becomes visible. It is no longer a feasible solution. We have a president who appears to be making an effort to change the policy, but clearly he doesn't realize that printing more money is no different from adding water to the tank.

    In addition to the cracks in the tank, Invasive species are illegally entered into the tank and live among us, Like the Zebra mussels and grass carps. They have a very fast grow rate and quickly choking the resources and supply.
    From what I can see, battling the invasive species is a lost cause? The native fish in the tank are too P.C. to say or do anything. I personally doubt there is a way to stop the wide spreading of zebra mussels and grass carps. They are slowly but gradually becoming the majority in different part this country. We getting used to them and accepting the peaceful invasion.

    As for those fishes that are legally introduced into the aquarium, sadly to say, we haven't been very selective. As a result, some turn up to be very aggressive and non-community fish. They are self destructive, and we have seen in the news that they had made many attempts to sabotage the aquarium by blowing it into pieces.
    What do we do with the aggressive and non-community fish? We slap them on the hand and give them a light sentence. Then we cross our fingers and hoping they will not try again with more explosive.

    I am a minority and I respect all races. I am not anti-America, I love America and I choose to live here with my family. I hope someday things will change for the better, but the direction that we are heading. it is going to get worst before it improves. Hold on to the bumpy ride


  6. Trisha, I would like to ask your permission to post a comment that my husband and I came up with regarding something that would likely help this nation. It is not controversial. I would just love your opinion of it. You seem like someone who thinks things out and wants to do something. It is a little lengthy, however I feel it is worth the read. May I post it and get your feedback? The topic is a national ballot.

    Kim & Dave
    Sweet Home

  7. Dear Hunter,

    IMy opinion based on my observations. But what I have seen is that the stricter "PC" group are the most common group I hear speaking of it, demanding reform, deportation, close borders etc. And in every situation, you have each side of the extremes. Most of us meet in the middle. I think that if one gives back as much or more than they receive in a positive manner, I'm good. When the opposite occurs, balance should be regained.

    My personal belief is that no small group of people represent the majority of the people truly. AND that not a single human being fits perfectly to the molds they are categorized to.

    We are all individual, with unique experiences, beliefs, interpretations, philosophies etc.

    I'm not under the delusion that dangerous people do not exist. I do though, believe that most crime is sparked out of desperation. Major crime out of psychological issues regardless of the cause, i.e. extreme religious beliefs taken to another level, result of environment, etc. Please mind, I am not an expert on any of this, I just watch and seek understanding.

    Our prisons are for profit. This is a very scary prospect. The temptation to ensure a failing system for profit would be undeniably present. Whether this is the case without a doubt or not, I don't know, but I think it is. I will be reading up on the subject though. Profit produces greed, and power produces corruption. Our prisons offer both per-requisites.

    I am not Anti-American, nor do I care much about race or religion other than an intense interest in human interaction, politics, and the effects on people these subjects produce. All of these topics are simply a real factor in everyone's lives regardless of each individuals views on them. This is simply because we all co-exist. There will be disagreement, discrimination, and the subsequent effects. They are a reality that will never cease to exist because each person's reality is based on their individual beliefs. No laws, no progress, no social change will ever change everyone's beliefs, though they may alter how those beliefs are expressed. This can be good or bad.

    So what do we do? I think we talk about it honestly first. We set aside being so politically correct that we cannot ask questions to further our understanding and find solutions. Do not pass judgement or accusations on those who's beliefs vary from our own, but rather try to understand their beliefs and point of view especially if we do not agree. Do not try to sway others beliefs that do not agree with yours, but trade understanding. Ask and listen, then ponder. I think this must be step one. Step two, I don't know yet, there is a lot I still don't know or understand. I do not believe I have the right to tell others what they should believe or in passing laws based on religious beliefs. I do believe that if this scenario was to be honestly and openly explored by most people (not to knock science) and then shared with all people interested, we would have a means to determine step 2 in the issues you referenced in your comment. This, sadly, may be a pipe dream at least on the large scale, but I can hope. I think our government could use a session or two of this practice, with the people they were elected to represent.


  8. Hunter Continued

    I am a bit confused by your last two paragraphs. They read as though you are referring to terrorists or extremists, but then you mention light sentences. Are you referring to gangs maybe?

    I will touch on both, please correct me if I am incorrect in my understanding. As for terrorists, I do not feel as though they are given light sentences. Indefinite in Gitmo is, well, it's Gitmo. As for gangs, I believe their sentences are individualized, though affiliation may be a factor. I would need to look into this more to offer a fair opinion.

    That leads me to the Justice System in general. I truly feel it could be so vastly improved. I do not feel it does anyone any good, and I feel that it actually lends to higher crime rates and more violent crime than would exist if certain improvements occurred.

    Certainly a topic worth discussing and understanding.

  9. Part 1 of 3

    As laudable as the recent New York protests are, they don't stand a chance of effecting change. And why is this the case? Because they are vague and amorphous expressions of dissatisfaction with the system, with no clear-cut agenda. We all dislike corporate greed, we don't like the way the little guy is being trampled on, etc. But what to do about it? What exactly is the solution? What specific changes need to be made to the system, who is going to make these changes, and how? No matter how massive the protests grow and how strident they become, what EXACTLY can they hope to accomplish?

    It was very different with the opposition to the Vietnam war and the draft. There, what was being demanded was very precise, narrow, clear and distinct. But now, because there is not that sort of clear, unifying mission and message and method, all of this popular discontent is just going to be a letting off of steam that will change nothing. Worse than nothing, in fact, because it wastes energies that could be much better channeled, if they were clearly focused on a practical solution. And as such, the current protests just serve the interests of those that the protesters are protesting against....and sooner or later, the protesters will just go home in exhaustion to their old lives, and nothing will have changed.

    So what COULD bring about real change, what could give the common man a voice, and make real changes in a political system that increasingly makes the little guy feel totally disenfranchised, totally alienated from a system run by "public servants" that are anything but, presided over by "representatives" who don't represent the people, but who are just the front-men of greedy corporations and special interests?

    What we would suggest, is nothing short of a velvet revolution in the infrastructure of the American political apparatus, something which is made possible by modern media, instantaneous communication technology, and the internet (in short, by the information age). Something that the founding fathers could not have foreseen as being workable, namely a movement towards making this country a direct democracy. And thus in taking the big decisions OUT of the hands of congress and the president, a group increasingly reviled and seen as nothing but the bought-and-paid-for puppets of the wealthy few. In short, power to the people!

  10. Part 2 of 3

    And how to do this? It is really quite simple. It is accomplished by merely laying the foundation for a national ballot initiative. The same thing we currently have in the form of state ballot initiatives, but something that ALL American people in ALL fifty states could vote on. And thus give the people the ability to bypass, and make largely redundant, their so-called "public servants" (a term which has lost its original meaning and should now only be used in sarcasm, blatantly self-serving as these public officials are, and in the service of their corporate masters).

    And how exactly would this be implemented? First off, by initiating a ballot initiative in EVERY state that will call for a new, nationwide constitutional convention, attended by representatives from every state, for the purpose of rewriting the federal constitution in such a way as to set up the architecture for a nationwide voting system....on INITIATIVES, not just representatives. And with the prospect of the people achieving a direct say on issues which are currently decided by "representatives" who are massively disapproved of, who are currently at historically low levels of public approval, is it even conceivable that such a measure would NOT pass in all 50 states?

    And once the structure is in place for nationwide ballot initiatives, proposals involving any number of pressing issues could appear on the ballot, in the same way that state ballot initiatives are brought to the public vote, namely by getting a requisite number of signatures from across the nation. And ALL of the American people would finally have a chance to vote their choice on such issues as:

    Should the nation go to war? When military action is elective (such as in Iraq and Afghanistan), which is to say that it is not an emergency requiring an immediate response, and there is a considerable period of decision-making and buildup prior to it, and a long enough period to organize a vote, the American people should be the ones to decide whether to go to war, as they are the ones paying for it in both taxes and lives.

    Should the electoral college be eliminated? This cumbersome holdover from the distant past is no longer serving the interests or expressing the will of the American people, as we saw in the 2000 presidential election.

    Should America's failed "war on drugs" be perpetuated, or are the resources being wasted on enforcement, and on incarceration of nonviolent offenders, better spent on education and treatment?

    What direction should an economic stimulus program take, and what level of financial commitment should we make to the rebuilding of this nation's infrastructure, to green energy, and to the preservation of the environment? (and how good we are as stewards of the environment, will surely be one of the few things we are remembered for a millennium from now....and it will determine whether history judges us to be villains or heroes).

    What sort of national commitment should we make to education, which is an investment in the future of this country? Should we provide a free 4-year college education for all students who wish it, or should we allow our future generations to enter the workforce hobbled by debt?

    What sort of cap should we put on congressional salaries and other perks? In the current system, congress decides their own pay. What sort of "servants" do that? And what sort of "servants" live a lifestyle that the vast majority of the populace can only dream of, and all of which is bankrolled by that very populace?

    And what sort of caps should we put on campaign contributions from individuals and corporations, and on the amount of money that can be spent in election campaigns?

  11. Part 3 of 3

    What should be considered a fair tax rate for wealthy individuals and corporations?

    Should supreme court justices have lifetime tenure, or should they be elected officials like any other, and subject to recall?

    What should the future of the nation's health care system look like, should it continue to be a parasitic for-profit enterprise where the REAL "death panels" are the insurance companies, or should we go with a single-payer system like the one that works so well just north of our border? And how should we fund the future of social security?

    What level of commitment should we make to the space program? Should we take the lead in the next evolutionary step of humanity, which is the movement into the new frontier of outer space, or should we cede that future to other countries (such as China)?

    What should be the nationwide minimum voting age in America? Reducing it to the learner's-permit age of 15 would make a lot of sense....because the future belongs to the youth of today, and that sort of empowerment would motivate a lot of young people to get involved in the political process, and to educate themselves on the issues.

    And so on and so on.....the possibilities are endless.

    Putting in place such a nationwide system would be a change that would open the floodgates to further change, and could truly be the biggest thing that ever happened in American politics and society. And it's something that never could have worked when the nation was first conceived, because in that era it could take weeks for news to travel to the most distant territories, and even longer for an echo to travel back to Washington. And so, at that time, there was no alternative to the (current but now obsolete) representative system of democracy, whereby "we the people" elected those who would speak for us and make decisions that were in our best interest. But we all know how long campaign promises last, don't we....and any political system of that sort, where all decisions are made by proxy, introduces too many opportunities for corruption and greed to get in the way.

    Two centuries ago, due to simple facts of geography and technical limitations, things couldn't be run as they were in ancient Athens, that birthplace of direct democracy where everyone would gather in the city square and cast their vote. But the world has moved on, and it's time that America did the same....and to use modern means of communication to bring all the citizens together and into the "virtual" city square of the future.

    So all these young people who are voicing their discontent across the nation.....let's put them to work on something that WILL make a difference....namely manning booths and canvassing to get the required signatures to stage a constitutional convention for the 21st century, to work within the system to change the system!

    Trisha, Thank you for allowing me to post this! Please give me your feedback on this. I am very interested in other opinions.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this 3 part essay.

    Kim & Dave
    Sweet Home, Oregon

  12. Quite a lot to talk about here. I will try to make sure I touch on all of them. And yes, the possibilities are endless, and for the first time in my life, I feel that these things are attainable. First - This is very much in line with Ron Paul's philosophy.

    Ron Paul has committed to return the power to the states, which IS what our forefathers intended. When the power is in the hands of the individual states, each state determines it's own laws and regulations based on a vote of the citizens (NOT RESIDENTS)of that state. That would result in varying laws from state to state; however that was also intended. If you are unhappy with the general consensus of your state, another may very well be more fitting for you and your family (pursue happiness)Yes, we are the United States of America, but we are supposed to be the FREE citizens of America who govern ourselves based on consensus. Removing the power from the federal government and returning it to the states would in fact abolish the corruption on that level, as they would no longer be valuable to bribe.

    Military Action - I believe that our military should ONLY be used for our direct protection against a threat. Period. The attempts at being the world police are ridiculous, unnecessary, and bankrupting us while earning a few key people a fortune. I do agree that military action should be under the final power of an elected president, but a system in which war is non-profitable, I strongly feel, would end many wars. If weapons were paid for to the government by our tax dollars, as apposed to our tax dollars paying a private contractor, and surplus was only to be used for the benefit of our soldiers directly maybe? This is one of the very few areas I do feel should be less privatized.

    As for the national voting age. I do like the idea of expanding it to include the younger people. The problem I see with this is the corruption of media whether by the fact that those who have the rains of the strings of our government currently own the same media, or through their coercion tactics. Whichever the case may be, messages are constantly and thoroughly distorted, fabricated, or simply not portrayed. This leaves us in a position of either being required to have an enormous amount of time to research things on our own, which most don't have, or trusting the messages we receive from our media. With age comes wisdom and skepticism. Leaving my only concern being the fact that the younger group is more impressionable and suitable to believing the corrupted messages, thus leaving the power in the hands of those corrupting. I'm not quite sure what the solution to this problem would be, but have been rolling it around for a few days. Any ideas?

    Our representatives are supposed to work under the direct instruction of the people they represent. NOT their assumed belief in what the people want. This must be re-established.

    This would not end corruption of our state representatives; however, if a law was not voted on and agreed on by the majority of the people, it would then not be law. Also, any law that produced unforeseen consequences could simply be removed, altered or amended based on a vote by the people. The representatives would serve more as administrators in writing into actual law. Federal Laws would be far more limited than they are currently, but I do not see the problem in this. If something is legal in a state, then it is legal there. If one doesn't like it, they are free to write a petition and create bill to propose law to change it. If most agree, it becomes law, if not, it should not be law. Simple. This is what was intended. This is what makes sense.

  13. Fair tax - this is another issue that I'm rolling around. The problem is not tax the rich more, as they would simply raise prices to compensate, and the rest of us remain in the same position we are in now. It wouldn't change anything. To look at taxes as they are now, they are terribly unfair. Sales and income tax are really have no difference.

    Step one: Manufacturer creates an item. Pays taxes for the income he receives from selling that part to the distributor and for the labor involved in creating that item. Prices are adjusted accordingly.

    Step Two: Distributor pays taxes on their income and the labor involved in distributing that item. Prices are adjusted accordingly.

    Step Three: Retailer pays taxes on the income they receive from selling that item to the public and for the labor involved in selling that item. Of course, prices are adjusted accordingly..

    Step Four: Each and every person in the four step process pays taxes for their own labor that item, and the consumer pays the inflated prices to cover all of the steps, and the inflated price to ensure profit for each step (obtaining profit is not a problem for me, that's the point in doing business).

    Add that to the multitude of fee's, fines, and dues each individual pays, even for services our taxes are supposed to pay for, and virtually all of every American's money goes back to the government in the form of taxes or to the 1% (they really exist and are specific people). This is why our original constitution stated "No Direct Tax" Taxes are not supposed to be the citizens concern, and only the businesses concerns. OR, a percentage on personal income only. That is still a direct tax, but each individual would pay only a percentage of their income, predetermined, and can spread the payments our over a year, and no taxes on business. One or the other, not both. These are my ideas anyway. What are your thoughts?

    I do not feel we need MANY of the Federal Departments we currently have. I do not want the Federal Government in so many aspects of my life. It has been proven time and again, that citizens who have more of their own money, and keep more of their own money, donate more to causes. The "Services" people receive from the government are not sufficient, and I don't believe actually help anyone. I do not feel it's ok to let anyone go hungry, or without healthcare, but these problems can be better handled privately with no government intervention. If a community want's a free clinic, that community can vote to have one and divide the costs fairly among the citizens. The same can go for a food pantry, or citizens who are hungry could be free to trade services or labor for food, shelter, and money with no intervention from the government. That is Free trade. People are concerned of employers paying slave wages, so the community to vote on a minimum wage. Nothing the Federal Government does for us is anything we cannot do ourselves expect for the postal service, distribution of funds the very few departments that do need to be federal, and international affairs (negotiations, not war. Outside of that, nothing.

    Communities would become very diverse depending on the citizens of that state, but each of those citizens would be happier and in control of their own state. Everything would be catered to those who live there. That was the idea.

  14. I actually don't have a problem with lifetime tenure, BUT, ALL elected officials must be able to be removed if the majority of citizens say so. Period. Further, corruption should mean immediate removal, and expulsion from any future seat in any elected position. Lifetime tenure wouldn't remain an issue if this were the case. Corruption will never cease as there will always be those who do not believe they will be caught. This though, would give us recourse. That really is all we need.

    As for the space program. this should be by vote as well I think, or it could be privatized as well. I do not agree with the secrecy involved. Whether your a believer in other lifeforms or not, there is undoubtedly a large amount of secrecy regarding our space program. We have the right to the knowledge we pay to obtain. Period.

    People are People and Corporations are Corporations. They are not the same thing. I believe that there should be a cap on how much individuals contribute, and no money accepted from Corporations. Our elected officials are supposed to serve people. Business owners are people as well, they are included. How much that individual cap should be, should probably be voted on as well. I wouldn't mind if it were even a few thousand or so. If the issue with corrupt press were addressed, much less funding for election processes would be needed, and would additionally, it would be a waste of time for those attempting to manipulate the system with all their money.

  15. Healthcare - Obama care terrifies me. It has been proven by many studies that the vaccines we receive are often detrimental, our medications are toxic and addictive. I am not against the medical field. Many marvelous things are directly attributed to the medical field, and I hold a great deal of respect for the professionals in those fields. The though, is that the education system they learn from, and the medications they distribute eventually profit the same people, and are controlled by those people. This will never benefit the masses, only the profiting.

    I do not agree at all with being required to pay for healthcare in which I have limited choices. This infuriates me. I do believe that all have a right to receive healthcare, but the profitability should be taken away. Non-profit businesses and their CEO's and employee's thrive all over the world, there is no reason our healthcare and pharmaceutical companies couldn't be non-profit. If the power to create laws was returned to the people, we could determine by mass vote what our standards for healthcare are. No one has the right to determine for me what medications I am allowed if I am ill, or what treatment is allotted if I am dying. That is my decision.

    The one point I do have to appose you on. The protesters. They have sparked conversation in every household in the nation and in our government. Whether you are infuriated with and tired of them and are taking any kind of action to produce the change sought, or agree with them and are now even just discussing these things, that is what they helped create. It was very much time for change, and the protesters started the real change we needed. Many of us, myself included, just continued along with things without rocking the boat beyond our own dinner table talk. That has shifted, and that shift is growing daily. Whether it's out of frustration from the protesters, or the government, people have begun acting. That was the point.

    The reason there has not been one unified statement from the protesters is simply because there are so very many severe problems that must be addressed. They have presented very organized, thought out, and professional petitions, ideas and solutions, many of which would work. I have signed many of the petitions. They are very much more organized than the media portrays. They are also very much more brutalized by police. My blog "Atrocities to the American People" on this page discusses the protesters a bit more, but I am happy to continue discussing this here as well.

    Our possibilities are truly endless, and it is time to begin achieving them. That is the definition of a revolution. I simply pray that it remains peaceful, as I do not believe it will, and hope it doesn't stop now. The problems are so vast that a revolution is required. A complete shift, which has begun.

    I hope I got to all the key points. If I missed something, please let me know, and please let me know what you think.

    Thanks so much for your post!


Please let me know your thoughts. If you disagree with me, please tell me why and lets discuss it. Promote well rounded understanding!