Sunday, November 27, 2011

The RIGHT conclusion can never be reached until all avenues are pondered. WHAT IF?

What if I owned my home, and it was mine to live the rest of my life in, or to sell to whomever I’d like should I so chose? What if I could do with my land what I pleased, without the government requiring me to obtain their permission? What if I could afford to because I didn’t have taxes labeled as fees for all of my standard needs and activities that raised the cost beyond reasonable means? What if I didn’t have to be afraid that the things I say will attract the FBI? What if I wasn’t afraid that the FBI would misunderstand a point, statement, or aspect because they only started listening now, and didn’t hear what I said yesterday? What if I could barter my own wage and didn’t have to consider that the government increases the costs for my labor to an unaffordable level? What if I kept the money I earned, and didn’t the government didn’t earn even more from my labor by taking it from me as well. What if, after a year of my employer paying the government for my labor, and me paying the government for my labor, I didn’t then have to pay the government even more for my labor? Do you think I would have more to spend to improve my quality of life? Do you think then that others in my community would have more to spend when I purchase from them? Do you think that us bleeding hearts would make sure the less fortunate were taken care of?

What if knowledge was available, and teachers were trusted professionals in their field who could barter their wages as well? What if small communities could employ a trusted teacher with the money the government would not then have, and the parents were empowered to insure the quality of their child’s education? What if we could study our chosen field independently, and be held accountable for our competency by the simple fact that we would fail personally if we failed to ensure this competency in any and all fields? What if those who were experts in their field and respected for their competence by the community were the same you would turn to guide you in your studies of that field? What if our teachers were there to help guide and encourage our intellectual growth when we needed it, and not there to ensure conformity on standardized tests? What if the teacher is incompetent? What if we could barter with another that better suited our needs? 

What if in the toughest of times when our families are hungry, we could just go hunt or barter a fair trade with another in our community for the food we need? What if the local farmer was among the most respected in the community? What if the community relied on the farmer for the majority of their food? Do you think the farmer would need help maintaining his fields?

What if my government was there to enforce and officiate into law the legislature that the majority of the people deemed fair, and acted only to stop legislation that contradicted the constitution? What if government’s job was solely to ensure that all natural people had the same equal rights, and we were empowered to determine the rest? What if the people drafted and determined law enforcements code of conduct, and determined the appropriate action in various situations by democratic vote? What if law enforcement’s main objectives were to ensure safety and to educate the community, and to mediate problems and help find solutions, and arrest or detain only for the more important matters, and any use of force would be only as a last resort when no other option is available? 

What if a fair tax rate paid a comfortable, but not extravagant wage, determined in advance by the people, for the elected officials, law enforcement, and federal government? Do you think that those running for office would be grasping for power or wealth, or would they be the humanitarians who wish to serve their community who provides for them? If the people are in control, how would big business corrupt the government? What if we were free to build or add onto our own homes as we saw fit without stringent and pointless regulations? What if to ensure that the construction of our own homes was our own responsibility and not that of the government, and an expert in the field could be contracted by bartering a fair wage? What if the consequences for negligence resulting in the damage to another’s property or harm to another resulted in the offending party being held responsible for the damages directly? What if financial penalties paid to the state were replaced with more direct consequences such as you broke you fix it for petty crimes? Do you think people would be more cautious and less prone to vandalism? What if a disaster occurs that is outside of control and the community is devastated? Do you think that it would be in the community’s best interest to help each other rebuild seeing as it would be a society where no one is useless, and everyone depends on one another and therefore knows each other? Do you think some would simply leave? Do you think if they did their previous profession would need to be filled again? Do you think people would wait to begin cleaning and repairs of their community if they knew no government assistance was coming? Do you think chronic welfare cases would exist if welfare didn’t exist? Do you think that it could be socially acceptable for barter or trade to be the exchange of labor for living accommodations, food or other essentials for appropriate situations? What if service for service barter was a portion of daily trade and monetary gain was a portion of daily barter? Do you think many people would do without necessities? What if the disabled, elderly and those in need were also empowered to contribute to their own survival and worth in the form of simpler needed tasks they are able and enjoy doing? What if health care meant quality, health and joy, and not simply to live longer so that more profit can be made? What if the judges that our taxes pay for are available to hear our civil and legal cases without the court charging us for the services our taxes pay for?

Finally, do you think if all of the above applied that any problems that arose couldn’t be resolved? Do you think that if jail was reserved for intentional and harmful crimes, and the mentally ill received help with strict supervision if needed, and the petty crimes were resolved in a more direct and fair manner that over flowing prisons would be an issue? Do you think that this can be applied to both city and country life? Do you think our tax dollars would really be required to pay our government to dictate everything we do? Do you think that if the war on drugs was fought with compassion and help that so many children would be in foster care, and so many parents would be in jail costing tax dollars while not curbing the problem? Do you think that anyone would have to be left to face the world alone, or live off the system or on the streets. Do you think that some kind of barter couldn’t be worked out for the homeless to earn their room and board? Do you think that anyone would suffer if third party intervention was reserved for the honestly helpless and everyone else was compelled to either work together or live off the land alone? Do you think that petty crime would be nearly as prevalent, or do you think that anarchy would rule, or do you think that a more peaceful, prosperous, and respectful environment would emerge? Do you think that problems couldn’t be worked out like our forefathers did?


The constitution states exactly these things. It does not grant the powers to our Government that they are exercising, they have seized it through manipulation and corruption. The alternative that I have heard people request is MORE Government. This thought is terrifying. The more power the government has, the more corrupt and heartless it will be. Where there is power and money there will be greed and corruption. If the power is dispersed evenly throughout the people, the people will thrive. This is what was intended from our constitution, this is what I want for my child. The best part is, all the details can be debated, and everyone could have their say. That is freedom of the people, and it will breed prosperity. If the power is with the people, and the people tell large companies that they will not tolerate their corruption, and the people have access to obtain the knowledge necessary to make an educated decision, the 1% will have been overthrown. They will kick and scream and fight, but if they want to continue to receive any of the people’s money, they will play by the rules that the people create. 

Some food for thought since I’ve carried on so long; Please research the following as soon as you can, independently, and please do not rely on the information provided from those who stand to make the profit from lying to you. 

1.       The legal definition of Sequestration
2.       The legal definition of natural person
3.       The legal definition of person
4.       The bill to be voted on TOMORROW that will allow Congress to declare the US a permanent military state.
5.       Legal Definition of U.S Citizen versus American Citizen
6.       Citizens rights versus Inalienable Rights
7.       Unconstitutional Laws
8.       MOST IMPORTANT – Read the Constitution, the original version and make sure you understand it. If you aren’t sure how something is interpreted, please seek the proper person to help you, not those who may lie, and please try to remember, they were very clear, there is not much that actually needs interpretation.

I wonder what would happen if we all suddenly stopped participating in their corrupt society and no longer needed them or requested that they make change. I don’t imagine it would go smoothly at all, but I do wonder.          
Final food for thought, I promise. For those who believe that all hell will break loose, and anarchy will take over forever; please consider the thousands and thousands of people who donate to charities, who volunteer their time to help the needy, who help old ladies cross the street. Think about the Occupy, the Other 99%, The Tea Party, The Unions who have protested, The protesters against the Keystone, Animal Rights Activists, All Activists for a good cause. Your neighbors, family and friends, work acquaintances. How many of them are bad people? The truth that the government does not want you to know, is that human kind is inherently good. Greed and Power corrupts, which is why power it must be dispersed equally between the masses. Equal distribution of power leaves no option other than fair distribution of wealth. Wealth should not ever be equal, that would render it worthless in and of itself. 

People will never always get along, we will never always agree. There will always be someone that just really pisses you off.  Process, ideals, beliefs and expressions will always be different, but that is what leads to truth, balance and freedom of all the people, and that must never be sacrificed. All of our protesters and activists are dearly needed in this movement. Everyone from the most obnoxious to the most conservative is immeasurably valuable. Even the violence of the police, the evil the 1% has caused and the disgrace our government has thrust upon us for supporting them are all necessary for this path we have ahead of us. Without the extremes there is no middle balance, and that is where, I believe, we all hope to land.  The sooner we all realize that even though we sometimes disagree, we are all together in this, the sooner we will have our power back.