GOP Candidates on Unemployment

An Open letter to all Presidential Candidates,

My race, gender and age are irrelevant, as is the fact that I am formerly middle class and now living in poverty. For the ignorant, I bathe daily and apply to every employment opportunity that I discover. I also condemn the use of drugs, drink only on holidays (probably less than you) and have no criminal history. I have worked hard every day I can recollect. I first lived on a farm as a small child, and as anyone from that particular sector knows, that is very hard work. I then moved to the city and worked as a babysitter and performed various tasks for neighbors until I was of legal working age. I have worked every day possible since then, which has not been a small number of years. I am fortunate enough to not have to face discrimination often in. In the past year I have applied for hundreds of positions, and have had two interviews; neither of which resulting in an offer for employment. I regularly follow up on employment opportunities and each have stated that they received hundreds of applicants for their single open position. I ask that you let that sink in for a moment. I am a spirited overachiever, and prior to one year ago, my accepting a job interview resulted in an employment offer nearly 90% of the time. Even in a down economy, I had choices.  
So, tomorrow morning I will wake up early, Bathe, and try again as I have done every day for over a year along with the hundreds of other applicants that are applying for the same positions and still unemployed. Some of your comments have been truly ignorant, demeaning, and disrespectful to the very American People you want to support you. The worst part of all, your comments have been influential. What amazes me, is that you do not seem to be revolted by yourselves. Do you have a conscience, empathy, or a shred of intelligence that signals you that the things that you say are ignorant?
To Dr. Ron Paul specifically; Thank you! You are a good man. Unfortunately, that fact makes me fear for you. In the despicable state our country is in, and foul excuses of “leaders” we currently have along with those who are truly in control, I fear for anyone with the guts to oppose them as you do. With the most heartfelt sincerity possible, thank you, and regardless of the fact that the election will probably be rigged (again), please for the sake of all of us, do not stop trying.


Patricia Williams
Damascus, OR

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